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All Professional Bodies, National Associations (e.g. Mental Health, School, Guidance, Addiction, Faith-based etc.) and Accrediting Organisations.

Association of Guidance Counselors of Cameroon

Cameroon Association of Counsellors in Home Economics

Universities and Other Education and Training Institutes

Taniform University

Kesmonds International University

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  • Programme Types: Certificate in Psychology, Diploma in Psychology, Bachelor of Psychology, Master’s in Applied Psychology, Doctor of Psychology

Saint Monica University

University of Buea

Counselling Agencies, Services, Group Practices, Counselling Centres

Centre de Psychologie Clinique RAPHA

Background & Context

Psychology is only this year (1998) being made an autonomous discipline in one of the six universities in Cameroon. This is the University of Yaounde l. The First University of Cameroon created in 1961 was modelled on the Old French system, where psychology was seen only in the context of philosophy. Through informal discussions with prominent university professor, it was evident that psychology never had a department or a section in those early days. In Cameroon, psychology is offered as a course in teacher training colleges since their inception in 1916. The course constituted Child Development, Child Study and aspects of educational psychology. These courses allowed student teachers to identify relevant aspects necessary to understand the growing child in the learning context. In addition, even though there is no specific history of psychology in Cameroon, psychological attributes and constructs are evident in everyday activities, in the lives of Cameroonians.

Current Regulatory Status / Level of Recognition:

One remarkable feature of the psychology scene in Cameroon is its low-priority status in academic institutions. Mental health is not a part of primary health care system. There is no community care facilities for patients with mental disorders. In addition, even if political and budget programmes are present, the plans in mental health are very slow to activate because of the low priority, which leads to ineffective use of even existing human resources and capacities.

Practice Settings

Non-profit organizations are involved with mental health in the country. They are mainly involved in promotion and prevention. Psychologists get training in clinical psychology while working. Some psychologists in the private sector carry out counselling.

Challenges & Trends

There is not much articles reported about the challenges that faced by Cameroon.

Additional Information & References

For a deeper exploration of the counselling profession in the country, interested readers are recommended to read the following journal articles:

  • Nsamenang, A. (2013). Cameroon Black Psychologists. Journal Of Black Psychology, 39(3), 307-310.
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