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Edhuca Counselling – Escuela de Desarrollo Humano Casagrande.

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Background & Context

Counselling is at a very early stage of development in Uruguay. The first known counsellor education training was training delivered in the 1990’s at the Center for Humanistic Psychology. This was led by a psychologist, Alondra Mendizabal, and one of the trainings offered was in ‘Focus Centered Personal Counselling’ The programme finished, and the centre closed, following the Founder’s death in 1999. Currently there is just one education institute (listed below), the first of its kind, to offer specific counsellor education programmes in Uruguay. The first cohort of students will graduate this year (2018) after completing a three-year part-time programme.

The leaders of the Edhuca Counselling school have taken the first steps towards the establishment of a Uruguayan Association for Counsellors. The leaders engaged in consultation with IAC following their participation in the 2017 IAC conference. These leaders are also scheduled to attend the 2018 conference. Furthermore, they have had several meetings with the leadership of the neighbouring Argentinian Association (AAC) with a view to learning from the successful development of that association. They have discussed ethical codes and attended AAC graduation ceremonies. The work of this small group of committed individuals holds much promise for the development of counselling in Uruguay.


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