Central African Republic


Counselling Associations

All Professional Bodies, National Associations (e.g. Mental Health, School, Guidance, Addiction, Faith-based etc.) and Accrediting Organisations.

There is no available information on any counselling associations in Central African Republic.

Universities and Other Education and Training Institutes

There is no available information on any universities that provide counselling programs in Central African Republic.

Counselling Agencies, Services, Group Practices, Counselling Centres

Currently there is no private counselling practises available at Central African Republic’s capital and no information is officially placed on the websites.

Background & Context

There is no available information on background and context about counselling in Central African Republic.

Current Regulatory Status / Level of Recognition:

There is no available information on current regulatory status about counselling in Central African Republic.

Practice Settings

There is no available information on counselling practice settings in Central African Republic.

Challenges & Trends

In Central African Republic, lack of access to and availability of appropriate care can be the difference between life and death for some people affected by mental disorders. Fearful for the safety of relatives affected by mental disorders, families see little choice but to restrain the individuals affected. In addition, the lack of primary healthcare staff trained in mental health is a significant barrier to high-quality, community-based mental health services.

In Central African Republic, there is still a strong perception within some communities that some mental disorders are caused by sorcery or disrespect of tradition, leading to a reluctance to seek treatment (Mbeya et al., 2018). Seeking help from traditional healers or using spiritual healing are the preferred coping methods, further delaying appropriate care and, at times, aggravating the condition. 

Additional Information & References

For a deeper exploration of the counselling profession in the country, interested readers are recommended to read the following journal articles:

Central African Republic
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