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Counselling Associations

All Professional Bodies, National Associations (e.g. Mental Health, School, Guidance, Addiction, Faith-based etc.) and Accrediting Organisations.

There is no available information on any counselling associations in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Universities and Other Education and Training Institutes

Adventist University of Goma

Université Officielle de Ruwenzori

Counselling Agencies, Services, Group Practices, Counselling Centres

Currently there is no available information on any counselling agencies in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Background & Context

There is no available information on background and context of counselling practices in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Current Regulatory Status / Level of Recognition:

Psychology is not yet a well-known and accepted discipline in many DRC universities. Although it is taught in major universities in Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, Kisangani and Kananga, there are only two clinical psychology programs in the country (Kinshasa and Kisangani). Psychology programs remain more theoretical than practical. 

Besides, Congolese workforce (e.g., school, industry, sport, army and health care) does not have a written job description for a psychologist. Therefore, psychology suffers from an identity crisis both in DRC universities and in the larger Congolese society. This problem has led to shortage of health professionals working in the DRC mental health sector.

Practice Settings

Kinshasa, the capital city, has one mental health outpatient facility, the Centre Neuro-Psycho Psychiatrique de Kinshasa (CNPP). Almost all these mental health professionals work in the capital city, with few to none in rural areas.

Moreover, non-governmental organizations are involved with mental health in the country. They are mainly involved in advocacy, promotion and prevention. In addition, the country has specific programmes for mental health for disaster affected population, elderly and children.

Challenges & Trends

There are many challenges facing psychologists in the Congo. DRC psychology is burdened by a multiplicity of languages and tribal groups. The DRC has 432 tribes, four national languages (Swahili, Kikongo, Lingala and Tshiluba), and one official language (French). Therefore, psychologists trained in the West must learn tribal languages to render linguistically competent psychological services to many clients/patients. 

Psychology in the DRC is still struggling for its birth and growth as a science and clinical approach to addressing the mental health needs of its people. The DRC needs culturally indigenous mental health professionals to develop therapeutic approaches that are based on the Congolese culture and constructs. 

Additional Information & References

There is no available information for deeper exploration about counselling in Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Democratic Republic of Congo
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