Counselling Associations

All Professional Bodies, National Associations (e.g. Mental Health, School, Guidance, Addiction, Faith-based etc.) and Accrediting Organisations.

Asso Counselling

Associazione Nazionale Counsellor Relazionali (ANCoRE)

Associazione REICO

Associazione professionale counselling (AproCo)

Società Italiana di Counseling (S.I.Co.)

Associazione Italiana di Counselling (AICo)

FAIP Counselling

Universities and Other Education and Training Institutes

Scuola di counselling di Bloomgroup – Alta scuola di counselling ed educazione interculturale per adulti

  • Programme Types: Intercultural Counsellors

Accademia di TARA

  • Programme Types: Diploma in holistic relational consultant, Master in Methode Ihbes ( Hochgestelltes r )

Accademia Italiana di counselling strategico relazionale

  • Programme Types: Diploma in Relationship strategic counselling, Master of relational strategic approach

Adyca ASD

  • Programme Types: Art counselling and integrated body techniques (as a specialist training)

AICIS Associazione Italiana Association Counselling

  • Programme Types: Master of humanistic counselling (Weiterbildung: Couple counseling)

Aipo Associazione internazionale Psycologia oltre

  • Programme Types: Diploma of professional counsellor

Ariele Italian Association of Psicosocioanalisi

  • Programme Types: Diploma of professional counsellor

ASPU Scuola superiore di counselling

  • Programme Types: Diploma of professional counsellor

Achillea relazioni umane di qualitá

  • Programme Types: Master of counselling


  • Programme Types: Master of Counselling Weiterbildungen: Gestalt counselling, communit counselling and development, counselling in the conduction of groups, cognitive mediation techniques in counselling

Centro Psicologia

  • Programme Types: Diploma counsellor, refresher courses for counsellors, continuos supervision training for counsellors

Coesi Associazione di counselling e formazione alla relazione interpersonale

  • Programme Types: Diplom Counsellor

Colicanto Association

  • Programme Types: Diplom Counsellor

Associazione Insieme

  • Programme Types: Diploma in Counselling

Associazione Macroscopio centro Psicopedagogico

  • Programme Types: Fileoenergetic counselling

Associazione Olos

  • Programme Types: Course Relationship Psycho-Body counselling

Associazione REF-Scuola di counselling Integratio Comete

  • Programme Types: CoMeTE Bar Counsellor Diplom

Become persone in divenire

  • Programme Types: Diploma Counsellor, Certificate of transformative expressive counsellor

Berne – Scuola superiore di counselling

  • Programme Types: Diploma in Counselling


  • Programme Types: Diploma in short dynamic psychotherapy, certificate of participation supervisory-path

Scuola di counselling

  • Programme Types: Professional Counsellor

Centro counselling Integrato

  • Programme Types: Diploma integrated psychosomatic counselling

Centro du Ascolto e orientamento psicoanalitico

  • Programme Types: Diploma psychoanalytic counsellor

Centro panta rei sardegna coop sociale

  • Programme Types: Professional Counsellor

Centro psico pedagogico per Lèducazione e la gestione dei conflitti

  • Programme Types: Maieutic counsellor

Centro sarvas associazione socio psico pedagogica

  • Programme Types: Professional Counsellor

Centro siciliano di terapia della famiglia

  • Programme Types: Counsellor Diplom

Centro studi di terapia della gestalt

  • Programme Types: Professional Counsellor

Cooperativa sociale comefo counselling mediazione formazione

  • Programme Types: Diploma of relationship systematic counsellor

Cooperativa sociale zentrum TAU

  • Programme Types: Professional Counsellor

Corpus in fabula

  • Programme Types: Professional Counsellor

Crea scuola counselling e formazione umanistico esistenziale

  • Programme Types: Counsellor Diplom

CSCP Centro scuola counselling e psicoterapia

  • Programme Types: Professional Counsellor, professional specialization for counsellor “group management expert”

Ecopsiché – Scuola du ecopsicologa

  • Programme Types: Ecocounsellor specialization

E-Skill S.R.L.

  • Programme Types: Diploma of Humanistic-Existential Counsellor

Gestalt Institute – Scuola du Counselling

  • Programme Types: Master of gestalt counselling

Die Line of yes – FYM

  • Programme Types: Diploma Counsellor deep mindfulness yoga

Il giardino delle idee counselling expressiva creativa

  • Programme Types: Creative expressive counsellor

Integral transpersonal institute

  • Programme Types: Certificate of counselling skills, integral transpersonal counselling ITI Degree, full transpersonal counselling diploma (KTI), Diploma of counsellor trainer, Master in integral transpersonal counselling

IPSE Instituto psicologico europea

  • Programme Types: Professional Counsellor – Bionogenic guidance school

IPSO Instituto di psicologia somato – relazionale

  • Programme Types: Counsellor Diplom, Diploma of bioenergy practice teacher

Instituto artemisia counselling e coaching

  • Programme Types: Diploma of counselling

Instituto serblin per Línfanzia e ´l adolescenza

  • Programme Types: Counsellor with dynamic relational orientation

Manage your Life

  • Programme Types: Diplom Counsellor-School of systemic relational counselling

Pratiche sistemiche scuola di counselling

  • Programme Types: Diploma systemic counsellor, family and system constellation faciliator certificate

Professional counselling school

  • Programme Types: Master of Humanistic-Existential Counselling, Diploma in Expressive Counselling, Diploma of specialization in expressive counselling Art and Body

Counselling professionale di college

  • Programme Types: Diploma professional counsellor

Scuola di counselling esperienziale e relazionale

  • Programme Types: Master of counselling, Diploma in counselling

CTA Centro di terapia dell adolescenza

  • Programme Types: Diploma professional counsellor

A.Z.A.DE.S. Scuola di counselling- spiritual

  • Programme Types: Diploma professional Counsellor

Scuola di cura di sé

  • Programme Types: Dialogue-Process Counsellor Diploma

S.F.P.C. Scuola di formazione in psicologia e counselling

  • Programme Types: Diploma Counsellor

Scuola di gestalt counselling

  • Programme Types: Personal branding course for counsellor, mindfulness practices, course for counsellor trainers, counselling course with teens and teens, update course emergency counselling course

Scuola Italiana di counselling motivazionale

  • Programme Types: Diploma professional Counsellor

Scuola italiana di counselling relazione

  • Programme Types: Professional Counsellor

Scuola italiana di counselling relazioanle Metacorporeo

  • Programme Types: Meto-corporeal counselling (Kleines r)

Scuola KOR-ES counselling

  • Programme Types: Professional Counsellor, annually changing master

Scuola italiana di BioGestalt

  • Programme Types: Bioestatic Counsellor

Socco Brescia consorzio di cooperative sociali

  • Programme Types: Master Counsellor

SPI.CO. Societá cooperativa

  • Programme Types: Professional Counsellor- School of relational counselling to body mediation and Spiritual-Body Address

Studio Berne

  • Programme Types: Master of counselling

Counselling Agencies, Services, Group Practices, Counselling Centres

Background & Context

The development of counselling and psychotherapy in Italy goes back a long time and is difficult to limit to a few sentences. Dr. Eduardo Weiss, born in 1889 in Triest, can be seen as a precursor to mental health counselling in Italy. He was a student of Freud. this time, however, was unfavourable for the development of the field psychoanalysis. The powerful Catholic Church and also the fascist regime regarded psychoanalysis as a threat in its autirity.

Due to the profound social changes in the post-war period, the demand for psychiatric counselling became ever stronger. In 1970 psychology finally underwent an important scientific status, with the simultaneous start of the first two psychology degrees at the universities Padua and Rom. However, academics were initially upset about mental health counselling, as they considered it too unscientific, because it did not take place in the university curricula. This was a pliable ground for the spread of private schools in counselling. With law Nr. 5 In 1989, there were strict legal controls. however, these also made it possible for private schools to award the same degree as universities.

In Italy, the ability to interpret counselling as a discipline which seeks to cooperate between clients rather than their passivity led to an extension of the interpretation of counselling. nevertheless, reductionist and positivist approaches such as traditional psychoanalysis, psichiatrie remain the main forces in the field of Italian counselling in the field of mental health.

Current Regulatory Status / Level of Recognition:

If in fact, counselling in Italy is not a regulated profession, (i.e., is without a professional order and the State does not dictate the minimum requirements for its operation) on 14 January 2013, the Italian Parliament passed Law 4 which offers individual professionals the opportunity to have a professional association issue a certificate of quality and professional qualification to the services, under art. 4 of L. 4/2013.

This new law, by re-standardising trade associations, including those of counselling, has in fact revolutionised the world of work and has allowed, as started by art. 7 of L. 4/2013, to protect consumers and to ensure the transparency of the professional services market.

Professional associations can in fact issue to their members, subject to the necessary checks and under the responsibility of their legal representative, a relative statement:

  • to the regular registration of the professional to the association
  • the requirements for participation in the association
  • the quality and professional qualification standards that members are required to comply with in the exercise of professional activity to maintain membership in the association.
  • Guarantees provided by the association to the user, including the activation of the user counter
  • of you have the professional liability insurance policy taken out by the trader

It must be also said that the possession of a certificate issued by a professional association is not a prerequisite for the exercise of counselling activity: Membership in an association is in fact free and not compulsory, unlike the requirements for regulated ordering professions.

But joining a trade association allows the members to be placed in a professional framework, which guarantees its training and enables him to comply with a precise code of ethics, protecting the client.

Practice Settings

The areas of intervention in which a counsellor can operate as a professional are:

  • personal and relational well-being (family, parenting, couple counselling, life coach)
  • educational school (counselling for students, parents, teachers)
  • legal framework (support in the lawyer-client relationship interventions in the forensic area
  • health care (hospital, food counselling)
  • social sector (interventions in prisons and in the area of social marginalities)
  • spiritual sector (religious issues, spiritual crisis, pastoral counselling)
  • sport (group building etc.)
  • area of release (exit counselling, support for victims of abusive cults, satanic sects etc.)

Challenges & Trends

Own research on counselling and psychotherapy is basically non-existent and highly dependent on North American contributions. most scholars publish their works in Italian and they are very rarely translated into English. Thus, while the italian academic context is strongly influenced by the English-speaking world, the opposite is not happening. this prevents consultants who do not read Italian from learning from the quality work of Italian scholars.

Additional Information & References

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